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SIRUI drafted Tripod Industry Standard waspublished for implement

On the 19th Jan 2018, the 2018 Quality Brand Promotion Development Conference was held in Guangzhou, China. The conference was supported by the AQSIQ and the Government of Guangdong Province, and organized by the China Inspection and Quarantine Association, the China Inspection and Testing Innovation Association, and the Guangdong Quality Certification Alliance. There were almost 600 people attended the conference, including the CPPCC Member&the President of China Inspection and Quarantine Association-Mr. Chuanzhong Wei, the original Chairman of International Organization for Standardization& the Chairman of China Inspection and Testing Innovation Association - Mr. Xiaogang Zhang, the Inspector of Product Quality Supervision Department of AQSIQ - Mr. Weihua Zheng, the Deputy Inspector of General Administration of AQSIQ - Ms. Yuyan Kang, the Director of the Laboratory& Testing Management Department of the National Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee - Mr. Dong Qiao, the Director of Quality Promotion Office of AQSIQ - Ms. Min Zhu, the Director of Quality Supervision Bureau of Guangdong Province - Mr. Xiaotie Ren, the Director of Guangdong Quarantine Bureau - Mr. Zongwei Shi, the representatives of relative departments of AQSIQ, Guangdong Quality Supervision Bureau, Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and relative industry associations, enterprises and medium. Guangdong SIRUI Optical Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the conference and witness the implementation of QBBSS Quality Assurance System.

The 2018 was a "quality promotion action year", quality promotion needed our actions, and also needed methods, the Director of the Guangdong Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau - Mr. Xiaotie Ren proposed. SIRUI was strived to provide professional and quality products to satisfy the users' requests from the day it was found. In order to ensure the product quality and enhance the productivity, SIRUI brought in the ISO90001 Quality Management System at the beginning, and implement lean management to realize the strict product quality control. With the rapid development of technology, SIRUI took the lead to promote the products' functions to meet the increasing needs of consumers, and took the society responsibility of the enterprise to promote the development of the industry actively. SIRUI as the main draft unit, drafted the Industry Standard of "Tripods for Cameras" together with the Hangzhou Camera Machinery Research Institute, and provided convoy for the production standards of tripods for cameras in new era.

On the 22ndOct 2016, the Industry Standard TRIPODS FOR CAMERS file JB/T9434-2016 mainly drafted by Guangdong SIRUI Optical Co., Ltd. was officially released by the Industry and Informatization Ministry of the PRC, and officially implemented from 1st April 2017. This indicates that the industry will be developed to be more standard, rigorous and with higher requirements.SIRUI will continue to adhere to its faith, focus on improving the development of quality brands, and make positive contributions to the construction of quality and powerful country.

SIRUI mainly drafted Industry Standard - TRIPODS FOR CAMERS, file JB/T9434-2016