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SIRUI enter into Japan Market---Press conference by Tokiwasy

January 14th, Tokiwasyashin held a press conference which was reported on

 As following:

 There is old photographic store in

NAGOYA which named TOKIWASYASHIN CO.,LTD. It collects delicate products and develops its business in Kanto area

 About Tokiwasyashin, they started the photo business and collected ATOHRIMAN cards since last year. Also, at PHOTO NEXT exhibition they shown charm of products. This year they became a partner with SIRUI which found in 2001 and built the factory in zhongshan city

China, In 2006 SIRUI started to develop its own brand photographic equipment and quickly expand its market in China Salesman from TOKIWASYASHIN said, in China, SIRUI stands front on the list, and also in Korea market. This time, SIRUI launched its products into Japan market and will do the same effort as much as like in China and Korea. Tokiwasyashin will help to develop and promote in Japan market

The features of SIRUI product are light, steady and fine design. For showing high quality, each product is made with special surface treatment and adopts 8 layers carbon fiber. About the variety of products, there are 5 series of tripod, monopod and 2 series of ball head so far. So far, the most popular item is TX series and N series. TX series which stands for SIRUI brand is extremely light and able to fold as very small. N series which can be removed and used as a monopod, easy to use and take I think these two items would be the best seller to customers. Products will be priced between 30,000 and 50,000 in Japanese dollars. Meanwhile Tokiwasyashin will make a big promotion on CP Plus show..